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Ruby Tips Part 5

We wrap up our Ruby Tips series with part 5, a collection of all the smaller tips that didn't make it in to the earlier parts.

Pipeline Conference 2014

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to represent globaldev at the Pipeline Continuous Delivery conference. We've been gradually moving towards CD here and I wanted to get some insight into the problems other teams faced on their journey.

Paul Bowsher Paul Bowsher


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  • continuous delivery

RabbitMQ: From the Front Line

We're fairly heavy users of RabbitMQ here at Global Personals, with 10 distinct workflows spread across 2 separate dual-node clusters. Across all our clusters and workloads we process around 3,000 RabbitMQ transactions per second. This takes a lot of careful management, and we've learnt a lot of lessons along the way to achieving this level of throughput. In this post I'll cover how to manage the trade-off between performance and resiliency.

Paul Bowsher Paul Bowsher


  • rabbitmq
  • engineering
  • scaling

Local Events and Meetups

Hello there. You haven’t heard from me yet. I’m Colly, and when I say I’m a new starter here at Global Personals, what I really mean is I started 6 months ago. A brief introduction: I moved over from Belfast, Northern Ireland in the summer of 2013. I worked at...

Colm Morgan Colm Morgan


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Sam speaks at DPM:UK 2014

After the success of the inaugural Digital PM Summit in Philadelphia last October, I was lucky enough to be asked to help organise and speak at the first UK-based digital project management event, DPM:UK, held on 29th January in Manchester.

Sam Barnes Sam Barnes


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Testing Pipelined HTTP Requests with WebMock

We've just released a small gem called webmock-net-http-pipeline (how's that for a mouthful?) that helps us with testing Ruby code that makes calls to external services via pipelined HTTP requests, by enabling us to mock those requests via WebMock. Read on for more details...

Tim Blair Tim Blair


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  • http
  • piplining
  • testing
  • webmock
  • net-http-pipeline

Agile Transformation Q&A

Last year we decided it was time for us to change our approach to delivering projects and so we embarked on a complete Agile transformation. Six months later and we now have multiple Scrum teams up and running with ScrumMasters, two Product Owners and many Sprints delivered. To help us on this journey we used Agile consultants from RADTAC and Jose Casal has kindly answered some questions for us.

Remote working at Global Personals

In September 2013 I joined the Global Personals Development Team as a remote worker. I've now been with the Company for three months and the time seems to have flown by. Sam Barnes (Development Team Manager) asked me to write about my experience as a new starter with a particular emphasis on what it's like to be a remote worker, so here goes!

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